How Social are you?

Welcome to the InstaFxNg training experience video challenge. Would you like to win from our $50 Prize this Month? Then you should join this video challenge.

How to Participate.
  • To participate you need to register.
  • Upload a 60 seconds video of yourself sharing your training experience on the InstaFxNg FxAcademy on Facebook or Instagram
  • Use the hash tag #MyInstaFxNgTrainingExperience and tag @InstaFx Ng and 5 of your friends.
  • Get 500 likes from your friends and followers before the round ends.
  • When you hit 500 likes, upload a screenshot of your post.

Fx Academy Video Contest

Select your Prefered Social Media Platform

Duration of the contest
This InstaFxNg Training Experience Video Challenge round will be 30days.

To be considered eligible to win this challenge, all participants must:
  1. Complete the InstaFxNg FxAcademy. (Click here to complete the training if you have not finished your training)
  2. Follow InstaFxNg on Facebook or Instagram.

The first 2 participants to hit 500 likes and submit a screenshot would emerge the winner.

  • 1st Position will win $30
  • 2nd Position will win $20