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Posted on Jan 24, 2019 at 08:34 PM
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The Royal Ball: A Night to Crown The Ultimate Forex Traders in Nigeria.

You know that we’re not here to play! When it comes to excellence and customer loyalty, we consider our clients our bosses and go all out to celebrate you.

This is what went down at our 2019 Royal Ball!

We got the ball room ready and When the Ball Room was all set to receive our Royalties, our beautiful hostesses were standing by to welcome the guest on the VIP red carpet.

ifxng_royal (101)

For us, every part of the ball was to give our clients an experience of the royalties we have come to know them to be!

When the Ball Room was all set to receive our Royalties, our beautiful hostesses were on stand by to welcome the guest on the VIP red carpet.




Can your clients even stun like this?? We saw a lot of glam on the #InstaFxNgRoyalBall Red carpet in December!

Indeed our clients know how to turn up in style and glam. When we said it was time to celebrate, they came out looking all Royal!





Before the event began proper, we had a chit chat cocktail session, it was lit seeing our customers looking so peng and Royal!

And of course, we had a lot to discuss about the just concluded loyalty reward program round and the trading experience so far while muching on some very delicious starters for the night.



Pause! Here comes the Alpha Team that put the whole experince together, from your everyday trade experience to the wonderful royal ball. 

Apart from working cheerfully to ensure you have a smooth and profitable Forex trading experience on our platform, the team put up a great show at the #InstaFxNgRoyalBall!


From the choice of food to serve to the music that will put you in a good mood, these team put in everything!


Can you spot any one you know? If you do you can leave a name or two, we will be thrilled to see that you know us personally!


Did you know that the winners of our 2018 Loyalty Reward Program were presented with their reward at the dinner?

Mr Chinedu, our number 1 trader for the year 2018 was at the dinner and he walked away with the star prize of One Million Naira at the dinner.

Aside his trading profit and the star prize, he also earned about $1160 extra reward in less than 6 months just for trading as a member of our loyalty reward program.



And the number 2 trader for the 2018 InstaFxNg Loyalty Reward Program is..... Mr Decius!!!

Asides his profit and yearly reward of N500,000, he also earned a total of $650 extra just for trading actively as a member of our loyalty reward program.



The 3rd prize winner of 2018 Loyalty Reward Program is actually a 2-time Champion!

In 2017 he was also 3rd in the yearly rank and in his word during the Royal Ball, he said " Come 2019, I am giving every trader a run for their money"

In 2019, Mr Ehinomen is aiming to out-trade every one and go home with the star Prize. Will you let him? It’s time you showed them who the boss is! Take up his challenge now.


During this event, we had some good laughs too! Have you ever met the sensational and funny comedian, Larry J? He killed it! He thrilled everyone with his relatable jokes and literarily got us rolling on the floor. Get a glimpse of how hard we laughed in the picture below.








It was all together a moment of exquisite food, fun and games at the dinner! Trading Forex in Nigeria is definitely better with us!

You get second to none support with your trading activities, discounted deposit rates, fast and easy deposit and withdrawal, extra rewards on your trades and you get a guaranteed invite to our annual lavish dinner.

New to Forex? Be sure to click here to get adequate knowledge on how to trade Forex profitably so you can get started on the right note.

Existing client? You are one step closer to getting extra dollars just for being a member of the InstaFxNg Loyalty Program Member! Start earning extra with us now!

Click here to view the rest of the pictures. You haven't seen it all!wink

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