Meet the June Winners of the $500 Prize in the Monthly Loyalty Programme and Rewards!

Every Month, 5 Top traders emerge and are rewarded for trading actively in the month and earning loyalty points. In the month of July, these traders have earned the Titles 'InstaFxNg Champions of the month.


Prize: $150


Wow! $150 free! It feels great to be the highest point earner for the months of June. Now, I am heading for the highest point earner for year 2019.


Prize: $120

Ogunsanwo Olusegun

Thanks a lot


Prize: $100

Decius Debole

It feels good to be a winner


Prize: $80

Ezeh Emeka

I'm so happy I made it to the top 5 winners. Hoping to move higher continuously. Thanks a mil


Prize: $50

Ehiaguina Eseohe

I want to use this medium that say thank you Instaforex for such a prize,it really shows how much support you give to your clients. I am proud to be associated with you.

The race to the monthly prize pool of $500 for July has started!

You've got all it takes to be one of the winners this month and get extra Reward for Trading.
Be sure to trade more and grab your desired prize.
Here’s how to position your trades for extra profit this month and be recognized as a Champion that you truly are!

  • STEP 1: Fund your InstaForex Account Funding your Instaforex account and trading actively increases your loyalty points and qualifies you for the monthly reward of $500. Click here to fund account now.
  • STEP 2: Get Signals and News Release Alert Daily The trading signals are posted every day on our website, just so you do not miss any of the entry prices as they drop, we have created a channel where you get notified on your mobile device or Computer so you take advantage of the signals and via Facebook Messenger where you can get direct notification as soon as the signals are posted.
    To get notification directly on your phone, click here and allow to send you notification.
    To receive it via Facebook messenger,   click here  to get daily notifications as soon as the signals are posted.