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Posted on Aug 30, 2021 at 12:47 PM
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Technical Analysis: Market Forecast For This Week! (29th August - 3rd Sept)

As one ends on Tuesday, a brand new race to 2021 pips/month begins this week and the goal is to hit over 500 profitable pips. Don't miss it! Begin the week with these key prices and rake in between 30-50 pips each on these 4 instruments.

EUR/USD: The bulls took over last week from our key entry price. So we can expect more bullish action above 1.1800 for about 50-70pips.



GBP/USD: Fully bullish. Expect pullback to 1.3750/40 before further move upwards. Else, price may range between 1.3770 & 1.3700 before breaking out.


BIAS: BULLISH/Consolidation.

USD/CAD: Now caught in a consolidation. Watch for breakouts from 1.2700 resistance & 1.2585 support.



EUR/JPY: Short-range from 129.65 resistance & 129.30 support, with a bullish bias. Scalp the range & follow breakouts to either side.



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