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Posted on Feb 06, 2015 at 08:29 PM
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Analyst of the Year Award

Winners in this final edition of The Analysts of the Year shared a prize money of $45,000

Analyst of the Year Award by InstaForex

The Analyst of the Year award is one held by InstaForex and universal portal for traders. Contenders competed by showcasing their various approaches in accurately analyzing the Forex market. Traders voted for the particular analyst that they like and have made profitable trades from their analysis. 


This is the third and final season of the Analyst of the year award. After the open voting had been held among the broker’s clients and users of the portal, the analysts scored the majority of votes were awarded the title of the Analyst of the year 2014.  


Once again, Maxim Magdalinin was the one to get the highest score (15,098.96 points) thus confirming the highest level of professionalism. His analytical reviews and forecasts were recognized as the most useful and noteworthy. The second place went to Vishnevetskiy Yuriy (10,589.53 points). Ushkarenko Aleksandr gained 8,930.90 points and took the third place. Sebastian Seliga from Poland got 2,599.13 points and the fourth place. The fifth and the sixth places went to Mehreen Yasin from Pakistan (1,605.28 points) and Alexey Almazov from Russia (1,400.93 points). Stanislav Polyanskiy took the seventh place with 1,057.66 points.


All the winners will share the prize pool of $45,000. The prize money will be allocated in the following way:   

1 place - $15,000  

2 place - $10,000  

3 place- $7,000  

4 place - $5,000  

5 place - $4,000  

6 place - $3,000  

7 place - $1,000 


The third season of the Analyst of the year award was the last one. The award drew attention of many traders, beginner analysts, and professionals. As a result, the number of professional analysts has increased which led to the higher quality of the analytical reviews. If you were not able to participate in the award or your favorite analyst is not on the list of winners, do not get upset – InstaForex is preparing new contests and awards to help you express yourself! 


In the while, Nigerian Clients can share their Forex analysis on the InstaForex NG Facebook Page: Let us read your analytical reviews, the information you will give will be extremely useful for other trading.


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