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Posted on Jul 12, 2021 at 11:54 AM
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Get ready for 200 Pips this week! We have analysed the following pairs with smart entries and exists that you can take you from zero to 200 pips! Check them out below and get in before price moves far!


BUY STOP @ 110.25, TP1 = 110.55, TP2 = 110.80, SL = 110.00
SELL STOP @ 110.00, TP = 109.70, TP2 = 109.40, SL = 110.25


BUY STOP @ 1.1880, TP1 = 1.1920, TP2 = 1.1950 SL = 1.1855
SELL STOP @ 1.1845, TP1 = 1.1820, TP2 = 1.1800 SL = 1.1870


BUY STOP @ 0.9165, TP = 0.9190, TP2 = 0.9220 SL = 0.9135
SELL STOP @ 0.9135, TP = 0.9105 TP2 = 0.9075 SL = 0.9160


BUY STOP @ 130.85, TP1 = 131.25, TP2 = 131.60, SL = 130.60
SELL STOP@ 130.45, TP = 130.10, TP2 = 129.75, SL = 131.70

NOTE: For TP2, once trade is Activated, set "Trailing Stop" for 30pips.

How to make between 50-100 pips from this;

  1. Replenish your account if you do not have funds at the moment. Click here to replenish your account
  2. Preset chosen trades on your MT4 using all given parameters using a reasonable lot size/volume.

Important notice:

**Except where specified, these Pending Orders that do not trigger will expire after 24-hours of publishing.

**Pending Orders are based on future market prices & which make them subject to market eventualities.

** Your use of the signals means you have read and accepted our terms of use. Download the signal guide to learn how to use the signals.

Join the 2021 Pips Challenge this Month!

  • Weekly technical forecast from our analyst which you can use to earn 50-100 pips weekly.
  • Weekly Pending Orders, which gives you the option to set all your trades ahead and seize the profits when the market gets to the expected prices. 
  • Extra 50 -100 Pips every day of the week with our Intra-day signals posted on the website by subscribing to our dedicated WhatsApp notification list. 
  • Lastly, Free access to our live Trade-With-Me Session with our analyst! In this session, you will get the chance to analyze fast-moving currency pairs with our analyst, trade and make between 30-100 pips in real-time.

Join now! Leave a comment in the chat section below and we will contact you.

Would you like to continue using our weekly pending orders or share your results after trading this? Leave a message in the comment section below as well.

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