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Posted on Jan 18, 2021 at 10:08 AM
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Last week, over 200 pips profit was booked with the pending orders posted on 4 Forex major pairs. Don't miss the chance to earn the same! Preset this trades now, and get set for the market moves.


BUY STOP @ 104.15, TP = 104.45, SL = 104.60
SELL STOP @ 103.50, TP = 102.70, SL = 103.80


BUY STOP @ 1.2100, TP = 1.2150, TP2 = 1.2200, SL = 1.2070
SELL STOP @ 1.2050, TP = 1.2000, TP2 = 1.1950, SL = 1.2080


BUY STOP @ 0.8930, TP = 0.8960, TP2 = 0.8990, SL = 0.8900
SELL STOP @ 0.8870, TP = 0.8820 SL = 0.8900


BUY STOP @ 125.70, TP = 126.00, TP2 = 126.30, SL = 125.30
SELL LIMIT @ 125.50, TP = 125.30, TP2 = 125.00, SL = 125.80.

How to make between 50-100 pips from this;

  1. Replenish your account if you do not have funds at the moment. Click here to replenish your account
  2. Preset chosen trades on your MT4 using all given parameters using a reasonable lot size/volume.

Important notice:

**Except where specified, these Pending Orders that do not trigger will expire after 24-hours of publishing.

**Pending Orders are based on future market price & which make them subject to market eventualities.

** Your use of the signals means you have read and accepted our terms of use. Download the signal guide to learn how to use the signals.

It's Week 2 of the 2021 Pips Challenge and over 500 pips has been made, join now and earn 500 pips this week with the:

  • Weekly technical forecast from our analyst which you can use to earn 50-100 pips weekly.
  • Weekly Pending Orders, which gives you the option to set all your trades ahead and seize the profits when the market gets to the expected prices. 
  • Extra 50 -100 Pips every day of the week with our Intra-day signals posted on the website by subscribing to our dedicated WhatsApp notification list. 
  • Lastly, Free access to our live Trade-With-Me Session with our analyst! In this session, you will get the chance to analyze fast-moving currency pairs with our analyst, trade and make between 30-100 pips in real-time.

Join now! Leave a comment in the chat section below and we will contact you.

Would you like to continue using our weekly pending orders or share your results after trading this? Leave a message in the comment section below as well.

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