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Posted on Oct 26, 2020 at 10:44 AM
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Weekly Market Forecast for Week 4, October 2020 (25th-30th October)

As the US Presidential Elections draw near, the Dollar saw some weakness last week. Will it continue that or strengthen again? We have analysed the possible price direction and key prices to consider this week below:

EUR/USD: Price is trapped in a Consolidation 1.1870 - 1.1840. Scalp the range & follow the direction to breakout from these levels.

Eur-USD- oct wk4



GBP/USD: USD is recovering slightly but this might be a minor one. A break below 1.3020 leads to more Sells & a break above 1.3070 is a bullish signal.

GBP-USD-oct wk4


USD/CAD: Consolidating & descending. More room to go down. Find your entries.



EUR/JPY: Still consolidating. Keep trading the range till a break out shows from 123.40 - 124.40.

Eur-JPY-Oct Wk4


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