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Posted on May 10, 2020 at 09:15 PM
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Your Profit Forecast For This Week!

How will you trade this week? We have analyzed the 4 major pairs that will help you increase your profit this week, and here are the key price levels that you should look at!

GBP/USD: Price is trapped in a wide consolidation after a powerful rally. A breakout above 1.2450 or below 1.2370 leads to the next market direction. Meanwhile, we can trade within the zone.



EUR/USD: Bullish Divergence observed with Support at 1.0820/ 1.0840. if Buy commences, 1.0900 is the nearest Resistance. Else, a break below 1.0820 could drop to 1.0775.



USD/CAD: A Bearish push continues with a sight pullback to 1.3950 and that's the trigger. Except fundamentals overwhelm the Caddie.



EUR/JPY: Bullish Divergence observed. Likely pullback to 115.15 before the Bulls may set in. A break below this may lead to further Sell to 114.85 & 114.50.



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