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Posted on Jan 07, 2020 at 08:03 PM
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A Cat Has Nine Lives, How Many Have You Got in The Forex Market?

Myth or Not, Some of us still believe that cats have 9 lives. Wondering why you need 9 lives as a Forex trader and how that can help your profitability? Here’s why…

 I came across this viral tweet of a cat owner on twitter sometimes last week. 


And while I couldn’t help but laugh uncontrollably as I read through the entire tweet thread, it dawned on me that it’s like living things to bounce!

Yes, humans, animals, plants practically every living thing can bounce from any stage.

Hold up now! When I say bounce, I'm not referring to moving up and down in a jerky movement!

To give a good context to what I mean, we will use the Oxford dictionary meaning of bounce, which says: To move quickly up, back, or away from a surface after hitting it.

In this context, your surface could be anything.

It could be your trading profit target for last year, your saving target or even your fitness goal for the past year E.T.C

Therefore, what bounce would mean in this article would then become: To move your trading/profit target quickly up after hitting it.

Simply put, your ability to do more/move up quickly from your last surface/point.

Now back to the question of the day: If a cat has 9 lives, how many lives have you got in the market this year?

Are you going to give trading the same shot you gave it last year or will you give it the number of lives it needs to bounce up your profitability?

Here are 2 secret techniques that can guarantee you as many lives as possible this year and help you bounce into profitability fast:

  1. Maximize your profit potential by using your most trusted strategies. This is because the more profit you make, the higher your equity and with higher equity, you can stay longer in the market.
  2. Avoid the big losses this year: I am sure you may be wondering how possible that is since no one can guarantee a 100% trend accuracy and we both know that even your most trusted strategies will have their days of limitations.

Well, the only way to cut the losses is to stick to a Proper Money Management Plan such that you always have funds to give yourself a second chance and stay in the markets.

Let’s be very practical; why blow up a $1000 account when you can close the position(s) on a total Stop Loss Value of $200 and strategize on other trades that could bring up to 100% profit?

While the former will take you out of the market, the latter will keep you in the market for the next try and remember that the goal here is to stay in the market long enough to hit your profit goals.

Are you looking to manage your equity better and earn more profit from your deposits this year?

These 2 techniques are your sure guide and I would be very glad to coach, monitor and help 20 traders adopt these techniques over the space of the next 30 days on their next deposit.

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