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Posted on Oct 09, 2019 at 02:41 PM
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This Week's Winning Forecast.

Check out how to trade USD/CAD and 3 other Majors for the rest of this week!


Fundamentals will be playing a huge role in the market direction of this pair this week. Meanwhile, major Resistance stands at 1.0990 with a consolidation range low at 1.0960 support area. Watch to scalp this range while looking out for a breakout to BUY when news of a weaker dollar emerges.

October Week 2 - EU

BIAS: Consolidation waiting for Bullish Continuation.



Tight range at 1.2340 with a gap opening for the day. More bearish biased than bullish. Watch to enter from 1.2340

USDCAD Week  - Oct

BIAS: Bearish continuation



It’s a power tussle here. Even though the pair broke out to the upside to end the weak, no clear direction is imminent. However, there is room for more BUYs if you must trade it. Watch 1.3300 to 1.3320 for your BUY entry.


BIAS: Consolidation leading to BULLISH Continuation.



117.10 to 117.40 is a tight range for the Market Open on this pair. We are looking at some market reaction to the Upside for BUYs by Tuesday/Wednesday market reversal cycle. For now, keep selling & expect to BUY on the break out.

EurJPY Week 2 - Oct

BIAS: Bearish continuation.

What positions will yeild the profits this week? Make the decision and make sure to earn some more this week. 

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