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Posted on Sep 02, 2019 at 01:44 PM
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This Week's Direction on EUR/USD and 3 Major Pairs.

Let's look at where these pairs are headed for the week, how to tap into them and how to use them to increase your profit over the next 5 days!

Are you looking to trade the EUR/USD this week? For us, we got our eyes on these four pairs and here are the directions that we think that they may be headed for the week.

While the short term directions may vary depending on your time and strategy of entry, we predict that this may be the swing direction for these pairs: 


September Week 1 EURUSD

Caught in a small consolidation, the pair is likely to go bearish before a major pullback. I recommend scalping this pair at a lower timeframe.

BIAS: Consolidation leading to BULLISH/BEARISH.



September Week 1 UsdCad

Whoa! That’s an explosive rise by the bulls on Friday to close the month. Closing with a significant pullback, the rise is likely to continue before stalling. Go bullish then scalp during consolidation.

BIAS: BULLISH leading to Consolidation.



September Week 1

The bears are heavy on this pair. Get in for more sells & then scalp when price get into the projected 1.2115/1.2125 consolidation zone.

BIAS: BEARISH leading to Consolidation.



September Week 1 EurJPY

Still slightly bearish, we should see some consolidation here before any major direction. Trade this pair smartly.


As as smart trader chasing profit, what are you going to do with this forecast? Earn or just watch it play out.... If you are set to earn on these pairs, then you need to take a position now!

Have you got extra analysis to share with the community on these pairs or other pairs that are not listed on this post? Feel free to leave a comment below.

And don't forget to replenish, if you do not have enough funds.  click here to replenish your account and take a position now!

Remember the market won't wait!, ACT NOW!

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