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Posted on Aug 05, 2019 at 02:13 PM
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Weekly Forex Forecast: 4 Exclusive Pairs!

Get the market direction for the first week in August 2019 and how to trade them for profit.

EUR/USD: Excellent Forecast for last week. This time, buying power can be seen with a break above the current price support of 1.1113.

InstaFxNg Weekly Forex Forecast on EURUSD (August 2019)



USD/CAD: The bears are not giving up yet. We expect major consolidation or short bullish pullbacks before the sell dip begins.

InstaFxNg Weekly Forex Forecast on USDCAD (August 2019)



GBP/USD: Again, we recorded a perfect Forecast on this pair. With a weak BREXIT deal, we should see an extended consolidation first before the bulls or bears bite it. Better to scalp at 50 pips on the present lower Support/Resistance areas.

InstaFxNg Weekly Forex Forecast on GBPUSD (August 2019)

BIAS: Consolidation; Bearish / Bullish rally.


EUR/JPY: We said bearish, & it fell 300 pips last week. If you missed out, then join the bulls for a rampage after the bear finish off. Scalp this pair now then wait for price to consolidate fairly and break above 119.00 for your Buys.

InstaFxNg Weekly Forex Forecast on EURJPY (August 2019)


Are you ready to take your positions the week? Click here to top up your account now and if you've got any requests on pairs you'd like us to look out for next week, feel free to leave a comment below.

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