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Posted on Jul 29, 2019 at 12:43 PM
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BEAR MARKET! Weekly Forecast on EUR and USD! (29th July to 2nd August)

Are you prepared for the bears? You have no excuse this week make sure you earn!

Wthether you are swinging, day trading or scalping, this weekly forecast will give you the insight you need to make profit this week, check out the key price levels to consider for entry and exit this week and stay informed on the following pairs:


Watch that 1.1150/1.1115 price zone for consolidation. I see more bearish moves before a bullish breakout may happen.


July Wk 5 - EURUSD


BIAS: Consolidation: Short term bearish then expected bullish.



If you missed out on the successful Bullish forecast for last week, then jump in on the Bearish run for this week. 1.3180 is your key SELL ZONE and anything from below.

July Wk 5 - USDCAD



We may still see some Bearish action on this pair before the bulls take over. See our key consolidation zones at 1.2420/1.2380.


July Wk 5 - GBPUSD


BIAS: Consolidation; Bearish with Bullish reversal.


Bearish all the way. Sell between 121.10-120.80 Price zone.

July Wk 5 - EURJPY


Did you use last week's forecast? Share your trade expereince with us in the comment section below.

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