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Posted on Jul 28, 2019 at 11:34 PM
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Did you miss out on cryptocurrency? You definitely do not want to miss out on the monocurrency! This may be the next big thing and the best thing you can do is to be prepared.

At about this time in 2015, I joined in the wave of the cryptocurrency trend & went heavy on bitcoins. Today, as I write this, 1 BTC is worth between $10,000 to $13,000.

With the quantity of BitCoins I was able to buy, just imagine what you too would be worth if you had joined  bought at the price of $280 back in 2015. But the Financial markets move in cycles; UPs & DOWNs, so there is always a SECOND CHANCE!

While we are still yet to recover from the BitCoin largesse, the Authority of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Heads of State and Government on Saturday 29th June, 2019, adopted ECO as the name of the single currency to be issued in January 2020.

The leaders at their 55th Ordinary Session in Abuja endorsed the name, while congratulating the Ministerial Committee on the Single Currency for the considerable progress recorded in the implementation of the revised roadmap.

In the communiqué read by Mr. Mustapha Suleiman, Nigeria’s Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Authority instructed the ECOWAS Commission to work in collaboration with West African Monetary Agency.

The leaders also instructed the commission to work with West African Monetary Institute and the central banks to accelerate the implementation of the revised roadmap with regard to the symbol of the single currency.

The Authority also directed the commission and the central banks to accelerate the operation of the Special Fund for financing of programmes in the revised Roadmap for the ECOWAS Single Currency Programme.

It further directed the commission to ensure implementation of the recommendations of the meeting of the ministerial committee held in Abidjan on June 17 and June 18, 2019, as well as preparation and implementation of the Communication Strategy for the single currency programme.

The Authority took note of the 2018 macroeconomic convergence report. It noted the worsening of the macroeconomic convergence and urges member states to do more to improve on their performance in view of the imminent deadline.”

Furthermore, the ECOWAS Chairman President Issoufou Mahamadou said the revised roadmap still stipulated that the single currency would be issued in Jan. 2020.

“We have not changed that but we will continue with assessment between now and then. “We are of the view that countries that are ready will launch the single currency and countries that are not yet ready will join the programme as they comply with all six convergence criteria,” he said.

He also said that there was “a real firm political will” for the region to hastily achieve the single currency.

Every challenge contains opportunities to earn, that’s why we will be following this trend closely & bring you updates on the right timing to get in if it’s worth our money. Meanwhile, the Forex markets keep yielding positive returns on our intra-day trading & Gold swings.

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