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Posted on Jul 23, 2019 at 10:49 AM
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Don't Miss The Actions On EUR/USD and Other Major Pairs This week. (22th-26th)

If you are up for profit this week, keep your eyes on these major levels!

Are you trading these pairs this week? If yes, here is a pointer to key levels that you should keep your eyes on for the week:


More bearish moves to go. Scalp for Buys as price finds its way up to the 1.1230/1.1240 zone for best SELL entries. A break above cancels the bearish move for a full Bullish revenge.


BIAS: Battle of Bulls & Bears.



Consolidation continued last week so we rely heavily on Support/Resistance. Watch the 1.3040/1.3050 zone for Bullish entries. Key resistance line for Sell remains 1.3090.


BIAS: Massive Consolidation.



Back to Key resistance area. The selling continues at 1.2510/1.2525 price zone.


BIAS: Bearish with Bullish reversal.



Tired of been beaten down by the bears. Bullish moves expected from 120.80. If Price doesn’t break above 121.20, then the bears may resume the downtrend. Stay alert on this pair.


BIAS: Bullish Range.

If this forecast helps you trade better, ensure to share it with your trading friends and if you have a specific air request against the next week, kindly leave it in the comment section and we will consider it for next week's analysis.

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