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Posted on Jul 15, 2019 at 10:59 AM
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Major Moves on EUR/USD and 3 Major Pairs For (15th -19th July)

Get the holistic view of expected profitable move of EUR/USD and 3 other major pairs this week. When is it going to be bull or bear? Find out key support and resistance points to take action.

If Eur/USD is one of your favorite pairs then you should totally see the possible direction so that you can stay ahead of the market, keep to safe side of the markets and make more money from the pair this week. 

EUR/USD: 1.1280 is a key resistance point for sells on this pair, It may go all the way down but the higher time-frame favours a bullish interference. Profit from quick sells on resistance lines & stay long for a buy from 1.1240.


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How did you trade the 10-pip consolidation of last week? The bear don’t look like giving up so if we experience  a break above 1.3045  this week, will see the bulls take over and if other wise it’s a sellers game.


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  •  GBP/USD

Sellers want in on this pair right from 1.2575 to 1.2520 and anything is possible, so keep your eyes on this zones. Let the major support & resistance lines serve you well this week.(If you do not have them up, ensure to have them set up)

Note: It may be better to day-trade this pair.


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The bulls still want in this pair, you may be considering a buy from 121.50 and anywhere above it while the sells should resume from 122.20 at resistance level. (Ensure to use the minor S/R Lines to scalp for profits while we await the major actions)


BIAS: Bullish Range

While we watch out for this major moves, click here to top up your account for 30% extra and take these opportunities as they come!

Tap here to check out high impact fundamental news to expect on USD and GBP this week!



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