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Posted on May 20, 2019 at 01:13 PM
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4 Hot Currency Pairs to Trade this Week!

Need a pointer to where the profits are this week? Get in here and let's analyze 4 major profitable pairs to trade this week and why you should consider them.

Eur_Usd May Wk3


So much pressure from the bears & I don’t think they are done yet because 3 resistance levels above the current market price is no easy task for the bulls. More sells on the way.

BIAS: Bearish with Bullish breakouts


Usd_Cad May Wk3


It’s a power tussle. Don’t get caught in this fight for supremacy.

BIAS: Consolidation/Bullish

Gbp_Usd Wk3


Mixed feelings on this pair. The continuous downtrend was unprecedented. Trade what you see.

BIAS: More Bearish than Bullish


Eur_Jpy May Wk3


With GBP suffering, EUR gets a share of the beat. Buy from major supports, sell from major resistances.


Rest assured, our forecast and analysis are a result of a lot of thorough analysis and not a wishy- washy material. We bring you the best at all time!

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