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Posted on May 13, 2019 at 01:23 PM
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This Week's Winning Forecast

Need a pointer to where the profits are this week? Get in here and let's analyze 4 major profitable pairs to trade this week and why you should consider them.

 If you are looking to make money this week in the Forex market, you can hop on this week's forecast to get a hint on which pairs  can fetch you your desired pips and a summary of our analysis to guide your trade decision.

EUR/USD : The bears are very much interested in this so don’t be over-confident on the Buys.

Eur_Usd May Wk2

BIAS: Bullish Weakness/Bearish Recovery


USD/CAD: Supports & Resistance again for the 3rd consecutive week… Watch at close range to determine your Buys & Sells, otherwise leave this pair to settle.

Usd_Cad May wk2

BIAS: Consolidation/Bullish



GBP/USD: Perfect bearish analysis for last week. Now this pair is undecided cos the Pound is tired of getting pounded. 

Gbp_Usd May wk2




If you missed our perfect Sell analysis last week, then you may get some more suns on this pair if it interests you. Again, watch that range closely and chase the market once that double support line gets breached.


 Eur_Jpy May Wk2



Rest assured, our forecast and analysis are a result of a lot of thorough analysis and not a wishy- washy material. We bring you the best at all time!

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You're almost there! Go ahead and place trades on your trading account immediately.

We would love to hear from you! So be sure to place trades using these analysis and leave a feedback in the comment section below.

We would be in the comment section reading all your awesome comments so be sure to leave a message, ask a question, share your opinion and let's get talking!

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