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Posted on Apr 18, 2019 at 09:59 AM
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The amazing feats achieved by famous individuals happened when they were in their comfort zones. Staying within one's comfort zone, not trying much to come out and living the life of a loser is different from what I want to specify here as ‘comfort zone.’ Follow me, as I take you on this journey...

Even the world-renowned players, artists, or politicians have some superstitions and don’t want to miss it during their performance. They feel comfortable with it and let their energy flow out in making everlasting impressions.

Forex trading is a highly psychological game and being in your comfort zone is crucial in making the right decisions and gaining related profits.

Let’s dive right into the meat of the matter for your reading pleasure;

  1. Check Your Stress Level

Being euphoric after making high pips is permissible as a treat. It boosts your confidence to stay in forex trading and propels you to make further earning. You sit back and make decisions,

Now you have to let your euphoric temper subsides, and you should find your usual trading rhythm.

There is no room for that gloomy and dull mood in the hours of trading. Don’t let losses in previous trades or any other personal agony interfere in your analysis and decision making. Once again, shake yourself and find your rhythm.

The happenings in the market or your living ambience should not affect you. Keeping your stress at your comfort zone is your responsibility.

  1. Check the Level of Your Confidence

Most traders find no way to avoid the negative impact the previous trade incurred. If it’s a series of losses, the effect would be more, and it is difficult to get out of the recent bias.

A well-seasoned trader with the right techniques knows about minimizing the losses in losing trades and maximizing the gains in winning trades and thus able to come out with profits.

Find your rhythm and your comfort zone while facing a series of losses and meet the market with confidence as you always do.

  1. Check the Level of Your Preparedness

You can’t say a high earning, and always busy physician is in a state of stress. He enjoys the profession and the social status attached to it. A successful forex trader has to be a trader always & enjoy being so too.

Though stressing oneself with the expectations about the current positions should be avoided, learning about the current economic trends, being around with like-minded friends and being in good Traders’ forum are the right signs of preparedness.

When you know everything about the market or have every data related to your trading strategy at your fingertips, finding your comfort zone happens with ease which lets you enjoy your trading life.

Now, I don’t know what you know but are you aware of our Monthly Traders Forum that comes up on the second Saturday of the month? Hundreds of Forex traders are always present at the forum as there is always something new to learn!

Type "I'm in" in the comment section below so we can notify you as soon as the date for the next forum is announced.

That’s where you wanna be next time to up your level of preparedness!

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