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Posted on Apr 08, 2019 at 12:38 PM
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Want More Profit? Trade the 4 Pairs All Through the Week!

Looking out to make more profit this week? We've got you covered! Check out the top 2 currency pairs to trade to rake the mullas in!

Stop! Check out these four major currency pairs and jump on these analysis to make those green pips rush into your nets (Forex Trading Account)

Eur-Usd April wk 2



The consolidation continues, “buy the rallies, sell the dips”. This will be a scalpers delight this week. Watch out for the 1.1245 price highs & the 1.1215 & 1.1190 Lows. Search for your scalping tools & pursue your profit goals.




0.9985 looks like a good support trendline price. If the USD strengthens on its fundamentals, then we should see more Bullish moves on the pair.


Usd-Chf April wk 2




1.3070 seems to be a price for the Bears this week. While consolidating, watch out for strong price action around this price zone to sell some more as the bulls will need a weaker USD


 Gbp-USd April wk 2



125.45 has held as key resistance last week, while 125.00 is a key level that if broken could see the pair drop 100pips. Scalp for buys up to the 125.45 resistance line and if it breaks above, then the Bulls have it.


Eur-Jpy April wk 2


Rest assured, our forecast and analysis are a result of a lot of thorough analysis and not a wishy- washy material. We bring you the best at all time!

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