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Posted on Oct 13, 2016 at 04:57 PM
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October’s Traders Forum Event

It was a time of great fun and education the forex traders in attendance had at the October edition of the Forex traders Forum

The forum which started at 12pm on Saturday, 8th of October, 2016 with Forex traders in attendance. The topic; ‘Which is Better, Manual trading or Forex trading?’ was discussed and every Forex trader had something to say.

If you missed this edition of Forex traders’ forum, you can catch up with the happenings at the event as we bring you pictures that tells the story below.

Also, if you would like to know the what Forex traders decided on at the Forex traders forum on the best method of trading between the manual method of trading and the automated form of trading, click here to find out the method of trading which is most profitable.


traders forum October 216

 Mr Ifeanyi Uche, moderating the forum.

traders forum October 307

The Forex traders at the October Forex traders' forum.

traders forum October 239

 Mr Omoniy, a forex trader in attendance, giving his contribution on the discourse of the day.

traders forum October 307

 The Forex traders at the forum listening to the moderator with rapt attention.

traders forum October 253

 Mr Adonay giving his own view on the topic of the discussion.

traders forum October 261

Forex traders forum signifying their interest to share their opinions on the discourse.

traders forum October 275

Another Forex trader sharing his experiences and conclusion on the discourse.

traders forum October 263 

 Mrs Bunmi, the Head of the Customer Care Department, informing the traders of the services offered by InstaFxNg

traders forum October 305

 Mr Jesse Jacobs, gladly receives a certificate of Free $20 trading bonus

traders forum October 308

Forex traders networking at the event.

traders forum October 309

Forex traders networking at the event.

If you missed October's edition of November, do not miss November's edition. Join us and other Forex traders in November as we come together to review our trading experiences from the beginning of the year, measure the success thereof and prepare for a more profitable 2017.  It's not too early to reserve your seat for the next forum, click here to reserve your seat now.

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