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Posted on Nov 24, 2014 at 08:57 PM
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Forex Risk Management With InstaWallet

Almost every trader can find a good and profitable trading system but one thing that causes traders to loose and become negative at the end of the month is lack of proper money management discipline and strategy.

We are in the business of making money and in order to be consistently profitable in the long term, we have to learn how to manage risk (potential loss of both investment and profit).

When you trade without strict money management rules, you are in fact gambling! You are not looking at the long term return on your investment. Instead, you are only looking for that jackpot.

Clients of InstaForex are encouraged to take advantage of the money management functionality of the InstaWallet System. The InstaWallet system is a unique money management tool, which meets all the requirements of a modern Forex trader.

With the InstaWallet system, every InstaForex client can transfer money to any part of the world! The InstaWallet allows instant money transfer from your account to your InstaWallet and to any other InstaForex account.

The InstaWallet has a lot of benefits which will be discussed later, but let’s focus on how you can use InstaWallet as a Management tool to make you a successful trader in the long run. Consider this instance:

  1. You make a profit in your recent trade and wish to withdraw, but it happened that your withdrawal cannot be processed because it’s past InstaForex Nigeria working hour.

  2. You don’t want to leave the profit in your trading account to avoid the temptation of trading with it.




InstaWallet is the fastest easiest, most convenient and robust way to go about safely keeping your money way to go about keeping your money.

Amongst other benefits, the InstaWallet system enables clients of the company to transfer funds instantly to the trading accounts of their friends and relatives regardless of their location making trading with InstaForex boundless and even more convenient. Its free to use and there are no hidden commissions.

For more information about the InstaWallet, or more money management tips, or even general matters regarding Forex, Simply click HERE to reach us now





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