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Posted on Aug 10, 2015 at 07:11 PM
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Average Directional Movement Index

Determine Forex price trends with the ADX technical indicator

Average Directional Movement Index, ADX is a technical indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder. The system helps to determine price trends and thus a powerful profit making tool in Forex. 


Comparison of two directional indicators 14-period +DI and 14-period –DI allows to determine the trading method at the simplest level on the basis of Directional Movement system.

For calculations, charts indicators are drawn on each other, or +DI is subtracted from –DI. It is worth buying if +DI gets higher than –DI, and selling when +DI gets lower than –DI, such method was proposed by W. Wilder.


ADX = SUM[(+DI-(-DI))/(+DI+(-DI)), N]/N

Where: N - the number of periods used in the calculation.


The “Extreme point rule” is an addition to the trading rules of W. Wilder. It is applied for decreasing of deals and elimination of false signals. Principle of “extreme points” is that you should mark the cross point of +DI and –DI; it will be “extreme point”. +DI getting above –DI, indicates the maximal price of the day when they cross. And vice versa, if +DI gets lower than –DI, then their cross point will be the minimal price of the day. 

The moment of entering the market is also determined by extreme point. Getting upper than extreme point, i.e. when +DI is above –DI, it is necessary to wait for the signal and then start buying.

Short position should be kept in case the price level cannot exceed the level of extreme point.

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