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Posted on Apr 01, 2015 at 08:40 PM
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Develop a successful trading plan

Develop your trading plan learning from a professional (FOR FREE)

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Trading is a job, a sort of business, and business without a plan will not bring fruitful results. If you are serious about making consistent profit trading in the Forex market, then you should work out a trading plan. You should pay particular attention to it.

Developing a trading plan is like having a kind of statistics which reflects your actions in different circumstances you will find yourself. It is an algorithm of your work, which should be corrected due to market changes.

As simple as it is to just say “Develop a trading strategy and become a successful trader” it actually takes time and practice to get it right. And even though you can learn most of these things on your own with google search, and use a demo account to practice, there is always a difference and faster learning pace when you learn form a practicing professional.



The most successful traders on this earth have two things: strong tenacity and A trading plan/strategy. Developing a trading plan requires 5 steps.

  1. Know yourself: Your personality will dictate which of the various trading styles to use and how.
  2. Risk/Money management: Newbies should not risk more than 10% of their capital; and there is no standard minimum investment because $10 to one man is $100 to another man.
  3. Profits and stop loss, targets and goals: What is your realistic expectation? An extra $50 a week on your $500 investment capital, etc.
  4. Preparation: Chasing trades will mentally kill you and your account, waste your time and money and destroy your spirit. Be clever enough to pick the right times to trade. You have to know for example whether to trade around the news, When to trade Asia, US, Europe.
  5. Defining your personal rules and keeping your records: the rules will keep you disciplined and against greed, fear and false hope.


InstaForex Nigeria is one place to learn and guide you on how to develop a trading plan FREE OF CHARGE. Click Here to talk to an InstaForex representative for free training The free training package also comes with 2-month mentorship to guide you while training.


  • You may be asked to fund your account with a minimum of $100 (as a commitment) to get the free training.
  • You can get your training online and offline.

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