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Posted on Mar 23, 2015 at 05:09 PM
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Holiday Adventure story by Fredrick Okoloise

We asked our clients to share their adventure stories and we are glad to post this one

I am really not much of an adventurous person though i have had craving for a nice Yuletide holidays experience until my last. my name is Frederick and i am 24years old with a huge Forex Trading ambition.

Fredrick InstaForex a

It all began somewhere in Edo State. I was sitting with wild appetite for green pips on my touch screen laptop computer with an intention to squeeze out dollar bills from the trendy commodities in the Forex market. I applied all my guru tactics which i had dug out of Pandora's box to enable me brew enough cash to make my holidays "one to remember".

I pretty much had planned my fun filled time out to the extent that what was left were the actual holiday and cash to breathe life into it as it was lying lifeless on paper. Just when it became obvious that my plan for the holidays had been ruined owing to my consecutive red open positions on a few hostile currency pairs and commodities i traded, I got a call from Miss Bunmi (InstaForex NG representative).

Fredrick InstaForex b

It was an invitation to Sheraton Hotel for a Three Course Lunch courtesy of InstaForex NG. I was even granted a request i made to bring one guest along to the event on a relatively short notice and all expense paid by the company.

What an adventure it was to have actually met InstaForex NG representatives and Santa Clause in a prestigious Hotel i probably would not have prioritized for a fun time out owing to its exclusivity. 

Fredrick InstaForex d

 From the moment we arrived, the friendliness and welcoming spirit was evident. The banquet hall was filled with cheerful mustering and laughter from the angles of the positions of each table for ten. The food package was outstanding and well prepared, tasty and plentiful. We felt the love of the staffs and thought i was home far away from home. I even got to take pictures with Bunmi.

Thank you InstaForex NG, you made the Holidays fun filled and my best ever!.


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