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Posted on Feb 03, 2015 at 06:55 PM
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Trading Made Easy With Forex Copy

Forex trading has now been simplified for both amatures and people who have limited time but still wants to trade Forex

Earn with Forex Copy

With the economic recession causing financial problems for people around the world, more people are turning to the Forex market to earn some extra income. The truth they come to discover is that Forex trading is difficult to master and requires a lot of learning and practice, which is why most new traders wipe out their account within three months.

Forex has a pile of technical terminologies. Especially for a beginner, the Forex market can be confusing, and learning about forex trading may seem like a daunting task. You need a good understanding of the eight majors, currency pairs, pips, bid and ask, spread, long and short position, leverage, margin, stop loss, take profit and a lot more.

I must say, the few people that finally become successful traders have attained the “Financial freedom status” and these people spend like money grow on trees for them. They have paid their dues and have probably lost a number of times.

For those who don’t have the time to spend lonely hours understanding and reading the market, we have something for you. Fx copy allows you to have expert trades copied directly into your account.

The ForexCopy system is an innovative service by InstaForex that allows following successful Forex traders and copying their trades online on a set ratio. You fund your own account and have the sole access to your money. Here’s how it works.


Forex Copy Monitoring with InstaFxNg

The image above shows a page in the Forex copy monitoring portal. You can see a list of 5 trading accounts and details about them: account name, simple rating, balance, equity, current trades, total trades, active investors, active followers, and so on.


You can click any of the accounts that catches your interest to get more details about the trader including his leverage, margin, skype I.D., email, average daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly, bi-yearly, and total profit made since the account was opened.


Forex Copy Monitoring With InstaFxNG

This lets you know the aggression pattern ranging from low, medium, high and very high, and also the condition for copying that particular account. The condition is set by the trader.



You can also have a graphical view of that account which looks like this:

Successful Forex Traders on


Once you understand the information provided for you in the Forex monitoring page, you will hardly go wrong in consistently making profit. Your money remains in your account and you can choose to unfollow any trader at any time.

You can get trained for free on all these Forex terms that helps you choose a good trader to copy at any of InstaForex Nigeria’s offices. Click here to book for the free training now.


From what has been explained so far, it shows that there are two types of people in the Forex Copy system and they both have a lot to gain:

  1. The trader
  2. The investor


As a Forex copy investor, you will be leveraging on the professionalism of another trader(s) to make profit from the Forex market. This is very interesting because you don’t have to learn all the technicalities, strategies, and other emotional factors that are attached to becoming a successful Forex trader. The only clause here is that the trader you are copying sets the condition of copy. He can say for instance, that he will collect 20% of whatever profit made and that you must have a minimum of $50 to copy him.

At the same time, smart Forex copy investors will also use the opportunity to learn from traders they are copying. With good observation, you will be able to identify the trader’s trading pattern and learn from it.

The Forex Copy is also a channel for professional traders to share their knowledge at a profit. If you are a professional trader, you will now make profit not just from your trades, but also from Forex copy investors that choose to copy your trades.

If you are a trader and are already making consistent profit in your trades, please share the success with others by enrolling your account in the Forex Copy by InstaForex Nigeria. You will be setting the terms of copy yourself.

Start making more money with the InstaForex Copy System. Visit InstaForex Nigeria support page to send us a message or give us a call on whether you want to be a "Forex Copy trader" or a "Forex Copy Investor".

You can have a chat right now with one of InstForex NG representatives. just click on the "Live Support" menu at the top of this page.


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