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Posted on Jan 08, 2020 at 11:58 AM
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If you are on this page, you are in the right place!

All through the month of January and beyond, we will be walking you through profitable trading steps so you can take advantage of them to hit your profit target month in month out.

We understand the impact of fundamental analysis and how it affects your everyday trading activity as a Forex trader and this month we would be analyzing the high impact moves that can help you maximize your profit.

These political events or economic news always shake the market and can deliver between 30 – 100 pips in a flash, say, 10 secs to 5 minutes.

These news has been broken down into weeks and it’s target pairs have been outlined into a schedule/action plan as seen below:

January Trade Success Action Plan

WEEK 1 – Trade all GBP & USD pairs with NFP in view @ 20-50pips on each trade

WEEK 2 – GBP & USD pairs again with Retail Sales & Treasury Report in view @ 20-50pips on each trade

WEEK 3 – Gold, CAD & JPY pairs with CPI & Monetary Report in view @ 1,000 pips on GOLD, XAU/USD

WEEK 4 – GBP, USD & JPY pairs with month-end Reports in view @ 30 – 50pips per trade

*Note that all our Trade Signals will be published in real-time on our website

Each week’s news highlight will be published alongside its analysis and trade calls and you can opt in to get notified immediately they are released.

Because news trading can be very fast, you definitely don’t want to miss out!

How Can You Take Advantage of this?

The first analysis of The first Big Market Mover - NFP will be rolled out on Friday 10th of January, 2019.

Would you like to get notified when each week’s analysis is released? Click here to subscribe now.

To get in on this, go ahead now and check your Instaforex account to ensure that you have adequate funds for your desired lot size/ trade volume.

Need to top up your InstaForex trading account? Then click here now to make a deposit in anticipation of the news on Friday!

There’s no better way to start the new year than with a clear vision and strategy and our doors are now open, the stage is set & we have a front-row seat for you.

Click here to subscribe now and we would be sure to notify you at the set time.

The News Won’t Wait, Get Prepared Now: To avoid the last-minute rush, ensure to fund your account right away.

New to this community?

Create your live account right away. Fill in the Step 1 and 2 Step 2 Form by clicking here now. Ensure to complete the action by making your first deposit too.

Remember that to get an instant alert to make some green pips come Friday, you need to indicate your interest as we would only reach out to those who show interest. Click here to get in now!







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    This is awesome

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      Jan 09, 2020 at 01:12 PM

    Hi, how do I get signal for trading Gold and also how much do I need to have in my account before trading Gold.Thanks.

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