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Posted on Sep 17, 2015 at 09:27 PM
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Introducing Autochartist

Get real time signals on the best trading opportunities


InstaForex NG is proud to introduce its new software called Autochartist.

Using Autochartist, you will get signals about possible openings of fruitful deals without spending time on fundamental analysis, It analyzes charts of over 500 trading instruments online.

Autochartist spends time examining price patterns, horizontal support, resistance levels, fibonacci retracements, etc, and then automatically informs traders about new trading possibilities.

Traders will get the overview of the markets and see how sensitive they are to economic news from all over the world. It saves time and users will be able to apply technical analysis instruments easily and profitably.

All information is spotted on charts for easy view and use. Now, traders will always keep up with the market trends. It is available for all traders for free and you can use it as either a web application or as a plug-in to your meta trader.

For more information about Autochartist or any other forex related enquiries, CLICK HERE

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