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Posted on Aug 05, 2015 at 09:53 PM
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The Best Trading Conditions

Just before you decide on where to get the best Forex services

the best trading conditions

At present, InstaForex offers the widest spectrum of services for Forex traders. Establishing the trading conditions, you as a trader have access to the following facilities:

INSTAFOREX BONUSES: InstaForex provides advanced online trading technologies. So, it has developed a range of bonuses for its clients. The line of bonuses includes both the No Deposit Bonus making it possible to start trading with no cash on a deposit and the biggest ever welcome Bonus of 250%. It is easy for any client to pick on any of the bonuses that best suits a particular need other bonuses include 30% bonus, 55% bonus and 100% bonus.

FOREX ANALYTICS: Forex Analytics with InstaForex covers the mainstream aspects ranging from Forex news to Forex TV. Most traders consider Forex analytics the essential part of the successful trading. Therefore, InstaForex makes its clients fully aware of the latest and vital economic and political news worldwide.

SWAP FREE ACCOUNTS: Since over 2,000,000 clients have registered their accounts with InstaForex, the company created swap-free accounts for those traders who prefer business transactions without swaps. Such accounts are picked by clients who cannot use swaps due to their religious beliefs.

SPREAD FREE ACCOUNT: Zero spread accounts greatly simplify understanding of a trading activity without having to think about spreads. Besides, they facilitate the technical analysis application while making decisions. All InstaForex clients can make a choice in favor of spread-free accounts. Thus, it offers more opportunities both for novice traders and experienced traders on the forex market.

OVER 300 TRADING INSTRUMENTS: When using InstaForex services, clients have access to 107 currency pairs and over 200 CFDs on commodity futures and securities. Besides, spot gold deals are available for all clients.

LEVERAGE: When working with InstaForex, you can pick a leverage ranging from 1:1 to 1:1000 depending on the preferable risk management strategy. The leverage selection depends on a preferable trading strategy and a time frame you are going to use for trading.

PAMM SYSTEM: InstaForex PAMM system offers successful traders a great opportunity to refer investors to their trading account. Moreover, those investors who do not trade on the forex market on their own enjoy a possibility to invest their funds in traders’ accounts taking a part of profit earned by these traders.

FOREX COPY: If you are an amateur in trading, do not give up an idea to try your hand at trading on the forex market. All InstaForex clients have a unique opportunity to take part in the risk-averse ForexCopy system. Thanks to the ForexCopy system, a trader can copy online deals of another trader; such trader can also opt out of the copy at his desired time.

PROMOTIONS AND CONTESTS: InstaForex frequently arranges a variety of promo campaigns and contests for its clients. The annual prize pool totals $500,000. Besides, every client can choose the most suitable contest as the gamut of competitions embraces contests holding on a monthly and yearly basis as well suggesting different levels of trading experience and skills. A number of promotions are also available like the Lucky 150, Hyundai Accent, and Monthly Cash back promotions amongst others.

FOREX OPTIONS: InstaForex offers its clients a section for options trading in Client Cabinet. Thanks to options deals, traders can raise a secure profit on the risk-averse basis which they determine themselves.

FUTURES: As a financial tool, InstaForex clients may use commodity futures. The most common of them are natural gas, oil, gold, petrol, etc.

INSTACREDIT SYSTEM: InstaCredit system is an innovation that enables InstaForex traders to borrow funds from Investors who, in their turn, are able to earn huge profits. The InstaCredit system is especially designed to provide convenience and security for both types of participants. InstaCredit Investors are given the opportunity to earn without trading, while InstaCredit Traders are provided with means to obtain additional funds to supplement their trading activities.

INSTAWALLET: The InstaWallet system allows InstaForex clients to send money to accounts of other customers of the company, which considerably broadens the functionality of the InstaForex account. Internal transfers (transfers between trading accounts) enable InstaWallet clients to replenish accounts of friends within just one second! Right now every customer of InstaForex Company is free to transfer money to any other InstaForex account holder with the InstaWallet service activated.


For further enquiries about InstaForex trading conditions and services, please click here to contact one of our Nigerian representatives.

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