We are glad to announce the end of the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt held between 19th -22nd of April, 2019. Every trader who participated in the game affirmed that it was 4 days of amazing fun!

Four lucky traders won the $200 prize and their reward have been paid.

More amazing games and contests are on its way and you’d be sure to get firsthand information.

Over 400 traders participants took part in the Easter Egg Hunt promo and hunted for valid eggs on selected pages on our website (www.InstaFxNg.com). Every participant went for the eggs and did valiantly, however only 4 participants with the most valid eggs emerged winners in the 4-day duration of the game.

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Day 1 Winner
Name: Akinboye Julius
Eggs Found: 393
Day 2 Winner
Name: Joseph Gaiya
Eggs Found: 411
Comment: I took the egg contest as a joke. Now, here's the dividend of my "joke". Thank you.

Day 3 Winner
Name: Abdullahi Haruna
Eggs Found: 416
Comment:I feel happy when I received your email telling me that I was day 3 winner.Thank you so much.
Day 4 Winner
Name: Fredrick Okoloise
Eggs Found: 402
Comment: Thank you to instafxng for this award, I won before in 2016 and this year's hunt for me, started out as just a fun game to relax. From the trivia questions to the actual egg hunt, i enjoyed every bit of it, and here i am, the day 4 winner. I do appreciate this award, it feels great to have fun and win.

  • There are eggs of different colours on the pages.

  • Click on all eggs to collect the valid ones before your time expires. Valid eggs change to while invalid eggs remain the same.

  • Each round has 5 stages and you have a maximum of 2 mins:10 secs to complete each stage and a total of 10minutes to complete a round.

  • The participant with the highest number of eggs by 11:59pm wins a bounty of $50 for that day.

  • All prize will be awarded at the end of the contest on the 23rd of April 2019.

Rules of the Game

  1. Promo starts on Friday 19th, April, 2019 – Monday, 22nd April, 2019 by 12am and runs till 11:59pm daily. The winner of each day’s egg hunt emerges at 11:59pm..
  2. The participant with the highest number of eggs by 11:59pm wins a bounty of $50 for that day.
  3. All prize will be awarded at the end of the contest on the 23rd of April 2019.
  4. Prizes will only be credited to Winners InstaForex account enrolled into our Loyalty Rewards Program.
  5. Prizes can only be withdrawn, if the winner meets the T&C. Click here to see T&C’s
  6. Participants can play multiple times but can only win once during this promotion. (A second win would attract no prize)
Here’s a tip:

There will be many hunters this Easter, ensure to keep your eyes glued to the hunters leader board and if any hunter beats your score, play again till you emerge the winner!

Bounty For The Day!

Everyday, the hunter with the highest number of eggs will get $50.

Hunt season!

This egg hunt will begin on the 19th of April 2019 and End on the 23rd of April 2019. (You can play everyday of the promo until you win!).

  1. Previous winners will be added to the winners’ board by 10am of the next day of the contest.

  2. Participants can play repeatedly, but can only win the prize once. (This means if you win twice, you can only claim one reward)

  3. If two or more participants emerge with the same high score, one final play will be allowed and person with the highest point is declared the winner.

  4. Prizes won will be funded into the winner’s InstaForex Trading account enrolled in the InstaFxNg Loyalty Reward Program and in a case where the winner does not have one, he is required to create one.

  5. Prizes won will only be available for trading purpose but can be fully withdrawn if clause 6 is fulfilled.

  6. Prizes can only be withdrawn, if the winner trades a minimum of 5 lot within 4 weeks of prize redemption.

  7. All profit made from this prize is fully withdraw-able. Note: Clause 6 must be fulfilled for clause 7 to be possible.

  8. By agreeing to this term, winners agrees that prize remains not withdraw-able till clause 6 is fulfilled.

  9. By participating in this hunt, winners agree that all media content generated can be used as promotional materials by InstaFxNg.

  10. InstaFxNg reserves the right to amend this terms and condition without prior notice.