How To Install EA (Expert Advisors) and Custom Indicators on The 600 Build Version MT4

Following the upgrade of Metatrader 4 (MT4), some clients have encountered problems installing their custom indicators and Expert Advisors (EA). The following steps would aid in successful installation of your Indicators and EA.

Every custom indicator/EA has an MQ4 file; you need the MQ4 file for the installation to be successful.

  1. Open your Platform.
  2. If you have an "ex4" file of the custom indicator skip to step 12, but if not proceed to step 3. Note: the "ex4" file is the compiled format of the custom indicator or Expert Advisor.
  3. On the top of the platform, Click on Meta Editor.
  4. When the file opens you double click on Indicators/ Experts.
  5. Among the different indicators/ EA that will be displayed, click on the custom indicator/EA you want to install.
  6. Go to file and save it in documents.
  7. Close the file .
  8. Go to your documents and click on the indicator/EA file (E.g zig zag mq4)
  9. When it opens, click on compile.
  10. Look down below to ensure that you have ("0" errors and "0"warnings) before you can move to the next step.
  11. Close the file and go to your documents to find the "ex4" file (compiled format).
  12. Copy "ex4" file from documents.
  13. Open your platforms, click on file, then open data folder, click on MQL4, click on indicators/ experts and paste your copied "ex4" file.
  14. Close the platform, and reopen it.
  15. Then enter custom indicators/ Experts and double click on the indicator/ EA.