Forex Freedom Course - Learn to trade profitably & begin to make up to 100% profit on your Forex trading account

This is the best forex deal - novice to profitable trader following the steps of our forex experts

Forex Freedom Course

Would you want to learn to trade profitably & begin to make between 10% and 100% profit on your forex trading account at no extra cost than the amount you funded your live account with?

NOTE: This is like getting the best forex trading education just for funding your account! What this means is that you will pay ₦108,300 ($300) and the same value will be credited to your live account to qualify for this training.

Look at it this way;

  • We will open your live trading account with our preferred broker.
  • You send us $300 x ₦361 = ₦108,300 for funding the account.
  • You receive very high quality and unparalleled training for 4days.
  • You also get more than 2 months mentoring and support plus our Home study Advanced Forex Course on CD (Video) valued at ₦22,500 via our Forex Freedom trading room.

This is all it takes for you to participate in this program and start building your trading portfolio with peace of mind.

But what would you be learning that will guarantee you achieve this tall goal?

Let me begin here by telling you that the training you will get will not encourage you to expose up to 50% of your account balance. I am sure you have either been a victim or witnessed a trader who made almost 100% or more on their account within a week only to lose it within a day. I will tell you the reason it happened this way.

When a trader who has about $300 in a trading account and begin to expose the account to make $0.50 or $1.00 per pip may easily double their account within a few short days or weeks, but one thing you must also note about this approach is that if you make a mistake (because mistakes may occur from time to time), you may not have the opportunity of learning from that mistake because the account may be wiped out even before you learn anything.

Learning to trade with absolute confidence

  • During this training, I will show you with real account proofs and trading examples from one of our live accounts how to trade, surviving the market's ups and downs and coming out with great profits you can keep and multiply.
  • I will also show you how to journal your trades in a spreadsheet and make projections for your trades even before you take them.

P.S. If you miss this offer, next time you are not going to fund your account with $300. Besides, you may even need to pay some extra fees then. The ball is in your court now so kick as hard as you can and make sure you do not miss this opportunity.

  • Fibonacci Retracements: Many traders are at a loss as to where to enter a trade even when they know the trend of the market. Learning the best way to use the Fibonacci Retracement tool to determine the best entry and exit/stop prices could be one of the best things to happen to your trading career.
  • Key Levels Concept: often times you watch price get to certain levels on price charts and over 80% of the time, respects these levels. Have you often imagined how some signals providers give signal about price turning point at certain levels and it happens exactly as they predicted? This is a tool/concept that allows you predict price changes with a high degree of accuracy.
  • US Dollar Index (USDX): Does it amaze you how sometimes, no matter what your technical charts are speaking; price continues to go toward a given predetermined direction, particularly for US Dollar pairs? This indicator controls about 6 major currency pairs. It also tells you when the US economy is performing optimally and when it is not. How do you identify this currency pairs and what's your source for this indicator and how do you get and install the MT4 version of it?
  • Econometrics: Have you ever wondered how the equity and commodities markets affect the currencies market? A good understanding of how these markets correlate can save you a whole lot of trouble trying to analyse the markets.
  • COT Reports (Futures Peek): If you ever want to engage in long term trading (a.k.a. Position trading) then you should not ignore what the COT report says weekly. You have apply all due diligence to filter out the information contained in the COT reports and this can provide above 5% clue to market trends. Neglect this report and pay for it with avoidable losses.
  • Technical Indicators: How do you know which of the technical indicators that can best help you determine long term trends of the markets? Which ones help you determine when to enter and exit trades? The lesson on technical indicators will expose you to all these indicators.
  • Insider Secrets to News Events trading: Is there a way to get into profitable trades when news events are released without getting penalized for it? Sure! And this is what you learn with real trading examples you can learn from. Big events like the NFP, Unemployment Rates, Employment Change, Interest Rate Reports, etc.

The following make our course content for the Forex Freedom Course

Day One

  • Introduction to Online Trading
  • Legal Issues about Online Trading In Nigeria
  • The Trading Platform: Meta Trader 4
  • The Forex Market (What, Why, Where and When)
  • What is Fundamental Analysis?
  • What is Technical Analysis?
  • The 3 Basic Trading Styles/Trader Types
  • Basic Terms: Pips, Leverage, Margin, Lot size, Bid, Ask, Spread, Bullish, Bearish, Long, Short, TP, SL.
  • Placement & Exiting of Orders (market order/Instant Execution with SL & TP)
  • Order Types
  • Indicators -Technical and Fundamental
  • 3 Part Trading Process for profitable trading -before you take any trade make sure you confirm these 3 things
  • Determining the trend of the market -using indicators and trend lines
  • Questions and Answers plus Assignments

Day Two

  • Support, Resistance & Pivots
  • Basic Money Management
  • Traders Psychology-Beginners
  • Demo Trading with MT4
  • The Key Levels Concepts and Analysis
  • Candlestick History and Analysis
  • 12 Profitable Candlestick Patterns
  • Simple News Awareness in Trading

Day Three

  • Other Common Indicators ( Fibo, MA, RSI, Stochastic, ADX, Bollinger Bands etc)
  • Sample Trading Systems (Breakout & Trend Followers)
  • Traders Psychology & Money management

Day Four

  • Real live trading
  • Questions and Answers
  • More on Risk Management and Trading Psychology
  • Econometrics: Interrelations between Equity, Currencies and Commodities Markets
  • Fundamental News Trading-Step by Step Guide to news events analysis and trading
  • The COT Reports (Futures peek)