Hyundai Sonata for Nigerian Forex Trader

The international broker InstaForex conducts a new Hyundai Sonata Campaign among its Nigerian clients with the capital prize - Hyundai Sonata automobile.

Hyundai Sonata for Nigerian Forex Trader

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Hyundai Sonata Contest Summary

In order to become a prize contender for Hyundai Sonata Campaign, it is necessary to fulfill several major drawing conditions.

How To Qualify For The Hyundai Sonata Promotion
    • Step 1

You need to have an InstaForex Account. If you don't have an InstaForex Account yet, open a qualifying account now.

    • Step 2

Make at least 1000 USD deposit to your Instaforex trading account. You can fund your account in Naira here.

    • Step 3

Register on the campaign registration page.

    • Step 4

Carry out a total volume of trades for at least 500 lots.

The Campaign is held from November 30, 2015 to April 28, 2017. Thus, in spring 2017, a lucky winner will emerge and take the keys to the stylish brand new Hyundai Sonata. Take part in this campaign and win the main prize!.