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When creating your Money Management Style, there are 4 major stops that you could use to influence how your trades will end and how to break off the loses and maximize your profits.  Read On!

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If Chinedu did it, you've got no excuse whatsoever! Go on, tap on the play button and see that it is possible to work and use your free time to make more money.  Read On!

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Welcome to a new week full of profits! Looking out to make more profit this week? We've got you covered! Check out the 4 hot currency pairs to trade to rake the mullas in!  Read On!

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You have heard the term over and over again, how does it really apply to you as a Nigerian Forex trader? Let's break it down together.  Read On!

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Looking out to make more profit this week? We've got you covered! Check out the top 2 currency pairs to trade to rake the mullas in!  Read On!

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Your Goals are important. You can't say my goal is to make money, you have to be more precise. You may create something like this. Short Term Trading Goals: To make consistent profits each month and supplement the monthly income from my job. To be a patient and disciplined trader who follows my plan. Long term trading goals: To build my trading account up to $25 000 through mastery of my trading strategy, patience and the discipline to follow my trading plan every time I trade. To avoid over trading, be patient, remain disciplined and stick to your plan always. A goal without a plan is just a wish.  Read On!

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Switching into a full time trading career will require that you move a step at a time, let's walk through it and uncover a way to earn extra money asides your regular profit.  Read On!

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Is it possible to trade the Forex market without Analysis? Here's a must see guide to mastering Technical analysis and getting the chance to learn moving average, MACD and Stochastics.  Read On!

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As a pupil in primary school, the quote, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" was rang into my ears I could recite it even from sleep. At that time, it wasn't much of a big deal until I got into the university where I was solely responsible for my life and outcome and the amount of work I put into studying actually determined the result I got. This is a lot more like Forex trading where you are actually responsible for the result (profit) you make.This brings me to the question, How can you achieve your profit goals just by simply planning your trades?  Read On!

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All unlearned traders are gamblers, who will you be, a trader or gambler? This is not a horoscope, but you may just find your trade personality now, Duke or John who will you be in Forex market? Let's find out...  Read On!

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