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About 90% of new Forex traders often lost their trading capital within a few weeks of starting while expert trader complained of recurring rat race, always losing money so much that they have little left to save in order to invest the money into other profitable business.  Read On!

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Yay! It’s our Voice of the Customer month. We would like you to know that you are very important to us and all the services we provide is centered on satisfying you.  Read On!

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Risk management is one of the most important discourse to read about in Forex trading.  Read On!

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The major principle of short-term trading can be put as follows - the less the duration of a trading operation is, the less money one can make  Read On!

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Day trading in Forex refers to market positions that are held only for a short time. For this kind of trading, a trader opens one or few trades and closes the positions within one trading day.  Read On!

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The Forex market is a highly speculative market such that it sometimes hard for Forex traders to accurately predict the market trend without a proper analysis.  Read On!

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As a technical trader you may logically assume that you don’t need to know about scheduled economic news announcements.  Read On!

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And, if you’ve ever wondered why you keep seeing an article encouraging you to have a trading plan and stick to it, I’ll share all you need to know with you below.  Read On!

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Emotional discipline is the ability to choose how you feel. Your feelings are a source of information and you need to learn how to control them and use their energy to work for you and bring you positivity.  Read On!

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We want to take this opportunity to thank you our esteemed clients for your confidence in the services we offer and your continued patronage over the years.  Read On!

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