The Forex Advance Course is designed for Amateur Forex Traders

Learn different winning trading systems and device your own profitable trading system.

Master numerous trading systems and earn constantly from Forex

Advance Course Summary

Register for Advance Traders Course and get FREE gift of $100 education bonus to your trading account.

The Forex advance course is designed to take amateur Traders through different Trading Systems to creating their own system and finally up to the point of profitable trading.

The cost of the Advanced Traders course is $100 (₦45,500 equivalent).

To qualify for the $100 Education Bonus*: You would have to fund your live trading account with $100 (₦45,500), then the $100 education bonus would be added to the funding making $200. Hence the $100 Education Bonus* is a refund of your $100 training fee.

This means that you pay ₦45,500 as training fee + ₦45,500 to fund your live trading account with $100 (₦91,000 total), Then we credit your live trading account with $100 + another $100 (education bonus) = $200 total.

In essence, you're paying nothing for the training.

*The $100 Education Bonus itself can only be used for trading and all profits made while trading can be withdrawn. The $100 Education Bonus itself cannot be withdrawn.

Below is the course outline for Advance Course
  • Fibonacci Retracements
  • Key Levels Concept
  • US Dollar Index (USDX)
  • Econometrics
  • COT Reports (Futures Peek)
  • Technical Indicators
  • News Event Trading

The FREE gift of education bonus is also applicable for Beginner Course.


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